Mission Statement

Clive Holmwood PHD




Clive has been involved with Open Stage since it came into being over 20 years ago, being its first creative leader in the first month of its existence. He has a background in drama, educational drama and dramatherapy. Clive began his career at Dudley's now famous Jigsaw Youth Theatre ran by Netta Denville 40 years ago. He then went on to study drama, educational theatre and dramatherapy.

Clive currently lectures in Drama and Dramatherapy at the University of Derby and works as a freelance dramatherapist and consultant. Clive ran the weekly drama group for over ten years with his colleague Chris Groucutt before stepping back into a more administrative role.

Clive is now responsible for overseeing the general running of the organisation, its funding and overall strategic development on a voluntary basis. Clive still attends the group on a regular basis and has involvement with each production.

Clive passionately believes that all of the arts should be accessible to everyone regardless of an individual's ability. He strongly believes in the open access policy, there are no auditions and everyone can join in as little or as much as they feel able. Clive passionately believes people are often more able then they realise!